Speed Attack High Carbon Smooth Blank Rotor

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Speed Attack High Carbon Smooth Blank Rotor

New Speed Attack Premium High Carbon Rotors
Offer Better Bite, Improved Performance and Quieter Operation

Speed Attack has released their latest brake system upgrade, the Speed Attack High Carbon Series Rotors which were specificaly engineered to offer better stopping power and quieter operation. Available in Smooth, Slotted, Drilled or Drilled/Slotted configurations, each version includes our durable Black E-coating which has been electro-statically applied on all non-friction surfaces. The finish has been engineered and to withstand 400 hours of salt spray testing, without corroding. This enables the Speed Attack High Carbon Rotors to stay looking clean, tech and trick behind your stock or aftermarket wheel upgrades.

The Speed Attack High Carbon Brake Rotors are composed of an advanced metallurgy that greatly improves the driving experience for motorists - especially when using higher friction, high performance brake pad compounds as seen on high-end European sedans and sports cars. On the Truck/SUV side of motoring/hauling and towing, the Slotted version of the Speed Attack High Carbon Rotors provide the best known anti-dote to original equipment factory rotors that have been known to warp under both normal and severe duty uses.

European brake systems are designed for the autobahn, where high speeds need to be scrubbed off quickly, even with a cold rotor and pad. This is why European automakers tend to use high friction pad compounds that offer high bite even when cold. But these pads can be quite noisy when coupled with traditional rotor formulations.

High carbon rotors are also known as dampened iron rotors because of their ability to dampen sound. It’s a difference you can hear. Striking the rotors with a hammer creates a ping with the traditional formula and a more subdued thunk with the new high carbon formula. The use of Speed Attack's new high carbon formulation is designed to reduce the amount of pad squeal typically seen in these applications, while still offering more aggressive braking performance.

Speed Attack's proprietary carbon, molybdenum and chromium content alloys offer better overall braking performance with shorter stops, more crack resistance and less noise. The “softer” carbon-rich alloy increases the friction couple, working more aggressively with the brake pad to stop the car quicker, and in a more controlled manner. The increased chromium and carbon content, meanwhile, also makes these rotors more resistant to oxidation and crack resistant during high performance use or repeated stopping situations.

High Carbon Alloy Brake Rotors are mill balanced to a tolerance of less than 2oz.inch. This additional machining operation reduces feedback associated with rotor vibration and provides a smooth confident application of braking force.

The New Speed Attack High Carbon Rotors feature:
  • Directional vane designs for improved airflow and cooling
  • Your choice of Slotted, Drilled or Drilled & Slotted Configuration
  • Mill balancing for smooth operation at all speeds and optimum mating to
  • brake pad friction surface
  • Center split castings that allow more even heat dissipation for increased
  • performance, durability and long life
  • Black E-Coat anti-corrosive coating that protects the cooling vanes and mounting surfaces from rusting prematurely
  • Double disc ground friction surfaces that virtually eliminate run out and any disc thickness variation issues while providing better rotor and pad break-in

Speed Attack Rotors

All Speed Attack brand rotors start with quality Centric rotor blanks that are made from either the high-grade G3000 cast iron or best-in-class rotor materials known High Carbon which is used on Speed Attack's "High Carbon Series" rotors. Whichever you choose, all rotors meet ISO9000 and ISO9001 manufacturing brake production for brake rotors.

All rotors are designed and engineered as a quality and affordable upgrade path for improving the braking beyond what stock OEM rotors offer.

Rotors are machined and available in Smooth-Blank Versions (like most OEM) or Stage-1 drilled, Stage-2 drilled/slotted and Stage-3 slotted-only versions. The best choice for you (really for your vehicle) depends on performance requirements as dictated by driving, hauling or performance needs, your driving environment (mountainous, canyons or flat roads), stock or oversize wheels/tires and or if you’re just cruising as daily driver or a 9/10ths performance driver.

For those building a vehicle to achieve a certain look, you can even choose your brake rotors based on style preferences such as black center or silver centers or drilled/slotted combo or just drilled. You get the idea.

Some of our rotors are zinc plated for durability and tough resistance to road and weather conditions or in the case of our High Carbon Rotors, they are black e-coated for supreme weather durability.

With Speed Attack Performance Rotors, every vane design, every surface, every detail counts!

At first glance, one brake rotor might look just like any other, but look a little closer and you’ll see the "Description Tab" to see what sets Speed Attack Rotors apart:

1 year on warping, one year on manufacturer defects such as cracking (rotor must be within the minimum thickness).

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