About HawkBrakesDirect

We'll admit it, we are obsessed with great brakes which led us to our friction addiction years ago. Our addiction is soothed every time we have the opportunity to help another customer's braking issues by prescribing just the right Hawk brake pad compound for their specific driving and vehicle needs. Enthusiasm for top quality friction materials and brake components may seem at odds with the more popular passion for achieving higher horsepower numbers, but any professional race driver will tell you, racing is won in the corners. But even beyond winning races, we enjoy essentially fine tuning a vehicle's brakes using the wide variety of Hawk Brake Pad friction compounds that we have available. Some of the Hawk Brake Pad compounds you will only find available here at HawkBrakesDirect.

Our relationship with Hawk is direct and we are fully engaged together in our commitment to ongoing training for our sales team and while also providing direct feedback to the factory engineers on every compound and every application as required to further product development. HawkBrakesDirect features U.S. based factory trained brake experts with over 75 years of combined experience. Being the premier direct source for Hawk Brake Pads and Rotors means a dedication to our commitment of best practices which include huge selection, lowest prices, quick deliveries, knowledgeable sales team all backed up by 5 star customer service.

Help us with our friction addiction and let us help prescribe the right Hawk brake compound for your car, truck, SUV, commercial or fleet vehicle.