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If you're shopping for authentic Hawk Brake Pads and Hawk Rotors, you've most likely arrived by reputation, expert guidance or word of mouth about Hawk's vast range of friction brake pad compounds. Specialty pad compounds and versions such as Hawk Talon, Ceramic, HPS Performance Street, HP Plus, LTS, HP SuperDuty, Racing Blue and DTC can help you achieve reliable, fade-free and consistent stopping power that is superior to original equipment. The best part is that here at HawkBrakesDirect, you will most likely spend half the amount you would have buying original equipment from the dealer but end up with superior braking performance. We also guarantee the lowest prices.

What kind of Hawk braking performance would you like? Short, shorter or shortest? Tell us if you're driving and vehicle needs include commuting, towing, high performance driving or track racing and the team here at HawkBrakesDirect will then help you select the best Hawk Brake Pads to suit your needs. If Hawk has rotors for your vehicle, we can be of help matching those too. We are factory trained brake experts with over 75 years of combined experience.


Our Hawk Brake experts are also devoted to providing superb customer service and a complete delivery and product experiences. We understand that the Internet has made it very easy to shop and compare for products such automotive brakes. We also know that while any online store can take an order, if something were to go wrong, that's our opportunity to shine and still achieve a 5 star feedback reputation by stepping up to the plate and providing world class customer service above all others. Give us a go with your needs to stop and we'll earn our 5 star reputation with you, your friends and your family.

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